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Wind data and wind maps for wind farm siting

The Global Windmapping Service (GWS®) includes a range of services and products designed to streamline a regional search for a potential wind farm. GWS® computes wind conditions at 60 m and 120 m a.g.l. (other heights are available on request) covering the earth's land surface between 10°N and 65°N latitude and between 10°S and 65°S latitude.

The computation of regional GWS® wind conditions are based on mesoscale and microscale wind modeling. Both modeling techniques simulate, with reasonable accuracy, complex wind flows in areas where surface measurements are sparse or non-existent. The methodology allows for the assessment of wind resources and subsequent estimation of wind farm yields. GWS® wind modeling is based on two different grid resolutions:

  • a 2 x 2 km grid resolution for mesoscale computations and
  • a 200 x 200 m grid resolution for microscale computations. The grid resolution of the GWS® MICRO model can further be increased to 100 x 100 m for custom orders

The computation results are distributed as digital maps, hard copy maps, posters or as pdf reports. The digital maps can be visualized using GWS® Viewer software (available as a free download for Windows 2000 and Windows XP). To download GWS® Viewer as well as samples of the GWS® products, click here. For a detailed description of the GWS® MESO and MICRO products, click here


MESO hard copy maps, posters and digital maps

Windnode and GWS® DATA

MICRO hard copy maps and digital maps