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Methodology V: GWS® Windnode und GWS® DATA von Al-Pro

GWS® Windnode

Weibull distribution for 12 individual sectors

For each of the 12 sectors of a site the calculated wind velocity distribution by the GWS® mesoscale modeling will be approximated by the Weibull distribution. The A and k values (and thus the mean wind velocity) thereby determined are given for each sector in the lower part of the windnode report.
A park calculation can be performed using the A and k parameters for the 12 sectors. As the underlying wind velocity distribution is based on values from a mesoscale simulation (with resolution of 2 x 2 km!), the determined park yields can only be interpreted as rough estimates! The sectorwise display of the wind velocity distribution can on the other hand help to establish or optimize a first park layout by indicating the main wind direction.
The windnodes (and the GWS® wind maps) can be used for accredited wind studies, when they are validated and eventually scaled with real energy yield data of adjacent wind turbines or wind measurements.


Frequency table

For each of the 12 individual sectors the frequency of the wind speed values in bins of 1 m/s are given, based on our GWS® mesoscale modeling (with resolution of 2 x 2km!).
GWS® DATA offers direct access to the GWS® database and provides digital meso-scale input data for wind flow simulations - for any model system.