GWS Map preparation
The preparation of mesoscale wind maps is very time-consuming, requiring approximately 4 weeks computation time per map.
R Maps ready for purchase are labeled with the letter R. There are no restrictions and you can buy them immediately.
S Scheduled maps are labeled with the letter S and can be ordered. You can find the scheduled date of availability using the "Map Info" button. You will receive the ordered product at the scheduled date.
PS Maps without an availability date are labeled with the letters PS and can be ordered via our Priority Service. The Priority Service offers you the possibility to define the chronological order of the computations of the wind maps. Your chosen map of interest will be computed as soon as possible and will usually be ready within a month after purchase. In addition we grant you exclusivity rights for the map for 4 weeks.
L Maps labeled with the letter L are locked for 4 weeks due to a Priority Service. Use the "Map Info" button to see, when the map is ready for purchase for everybody.